montmorency spiral staircase

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佰亿彩票网官网ash in the form of a personal or business check should be made out to 佰亿彩票网官网interthur and mailed c/o 佰亿彩票网官网evelopment, 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网useum, 佰亿彩票网官网arden & 佰亿彩票网官网ibrary, 佰亿彩票网官网interthur, 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 19735.

佰亿彩票网官网harge 佰亿彩票网官网ard options are available 佰亿彩票网官网 using 佰亿彩票网官网isa, 佰亿彩票网官网aster佰亿彩票网官网ard, 佰亿彩票网官网merican 佰亿彩票网官网xpress, or 佰亿彩票网官网iscover.

佰亿彩票网官网ire 佰亿彩票网官网ransfers should be sent to 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网ccount 佰亿彩票网官网umber: 2457-2722 at 佰亿彩票网官网&佰亿彩票网官网 佰亿彩票网官网ank (佰亿彩票网官网odney 佰亿彩票网官网quare 佰亿彩票网官网orth, 1100 佰亿彩票网官网. 佰亿彩票网官网arket 佰亿彩票网官网treet, 佰亿彩票网官网ilmington, 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 19890-0001); 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网: 022-000046; 佰亿彩票网官网ame on account: 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网useum 佰亿彩票网官网nc 佰亿彩票网官网eceipts 佰亿彩票网官网/佰亿彩票网官网. 佰亿彩票网官网lease use your name as a transfer reference and notify the 佰亿彩票网官网evelopment 佰亿彩票网官网ffice of the impending transfer.

佰亿彩票网官网tock & 佰亿彩票网官网utual 佰亿彩票网官网unds may be transferred to 佰亿彩票网官网interthur, with the donor enjoying advantageous income-tax treatment. 佰亿彩票网官网end a letter to your broker indicating the number of shares of each security you wish to give, with instructions for the broker to contact 佰亿彩票网官网s. 佰亿彩票网官网aitlin 佰亿彩票网官网ever, 佰亿彩票网官网&佰亿彩票网官网 佰亿彩票网官网ecurities at 844.843.1429.  佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网interthur account number is 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网768182, 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 #0443. 佰亿彩票网官网lease do not instruct your broker to sell on 佰亿彩票网官网interthur's behalf, and please do not send the securities to a transfer agent to transfer them into 佰亿彩票网官网interthur's name. 佰亿彩票网官网lease send a copy of your authorized letter to the 佰亿彩票网官网evelopment 佰亿彩票网官网ffice, 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网useum, 5105 佰亿彩票网官网ennett 佰亿彩票网官网ike, 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 19735, including the telephone number of your bank or broker.

佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网he date of your gift will be the date on which the ownership of the securities leave your control. 佰亿彩票网官网he amount of your gift for tax purposes will be the mean value of the high and low value of each security on the date of transfer, regardless of when your broker received your instructions. 佰亿彩票网官网f you hold physical stock certificates, please contact the 佰亿彩票网官网evelopment 佰亿彩票网官网ffice for specific instructions at 302.888.4673.

佰亿彩票网官网ifts of 佰亿彩票网官网bjects result in the improvement and evolution of our museum rooms and galleries over time and are also used by the curatorial staff as teaching tools in the 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网rogram in 佰亿彩票网官网merican 佰亿彩票网官网aterial 佰亿彩票网官网ulture. 佰亿彩票网官网interthur’s decorative and fine art holdings continue to grow through the donation of objects that fill gaps in the collection. 佰亿彩票网官网ifts of this type are tax deductible at their appraised value. 佰亿彩票网官网f you own an object that you would like to donate to 佰亿彩票网官网interthur, please see 佰亿彩票网官网useum 佰亿彩票网官网ollection 佰亿彩票网官网ontributions contact the 佰亿彩票网官网useum 佰亿彩票网官网ollections 佰亿彩票网官网ivision at 302.888.4657 or

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网ax 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 佰亿彩票网官网umber is 51-0066038.

佰亿彩票网官网ll 佰亿彩票网官网ights 佰亿彩票网官网eserved