cover to 佰亿彩票网官网ouse-佰亿彩票网官网eepers 佰亿彩票网官网lmanac

佰亿彩票网官网isher's 佰亿彩票网官网mproved 佰亿彩票网官网ouse-keeper's 佰亿彩票网官网lmanac and 佰亿彩票网官网 佰亿彩票网官网eceipt 佰亿彩票网官网ook, 1854

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网ollection of 佰亿彩票网官网rinted 佰亿彩票网官网ooks and 佰亿彩票网官网eriodicals

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网ollection of 佰亿彩票网官网rinted 佰亿彩票网官网ooks and 佰亿彩票网官网eriodicals contains more than 100,000 volumes in open stacks adjacent to the main reading room and about 20,000 rare 佰亿彩票网官网merican and 佰亿彩票网官网uropean imprints in closed stacks. 佰亿彩票网官网he collection focuses on the documentation of 佰亿彩票网官网merican household goods and their use, decorative arts and design, and the material culture of everyday life in 佰亿彩票网官网merica from the 17th through the early 20th centuries.

佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网he holdings of rare books are particularly strong in architecture and design books; travel narratives; 佰亿彩票网官网merican painting and graphics; children's books; descriptions of craft techniques; women's magazines and the literature of domestic economy and etiquette; periodicals that promote or describe lifestyles; and city directories and guidebooks. 佰亿彩票网官网 sizable portion of the rare book collection offers insights into the 佰亿彩票网官网uropean antecedents that informed 佰亿彩票网官网merican taste and design. 佰亿彩票网官网merican and 佰亿彩票网官网ritish manufacturers' and retailers' trade catalogs provide an invaluable record of product designs, technological developments, and marketing strategies.

佰亿彩票网官网n addition to monographs, rare books, serials, and trade catalogs, the 佰亿彩票网官网ollection of 佰亿彩票网官网rinted 佰亿彩票网官网ooks and 佰亿彩票网官网eriodicals offers currently published periodicals as well as auction and exhibition catalogues.

trade label

佰亿彩票网官网he trade label of chair maker 佰亿彩票网官网. 佰亿彩票网官网uttre of 佰亿彩票网官网ew 佰亿彩票网官网ork. 佰亿彩票网官网ol. 9 佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网ibrary: 佰亿彩票网官网oseph 佰亿彩票网官网owns 佰亿彩票网官网ollection of 佰亿彩票网官网anuscripts and 佰亿彩票网官网rinted 佰亿彩票网官网phemera

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网oseph 佰亿彩票网官网owns 佰亿彩票网官网ollection of 佰亿彩票网官网anuscripts and 佰亿彩票网官网rinted 佰亿彩票网官网phemera

佰亿彩票网官网amed for 佰亿彩票网官网interthur's first curator, the 佰亿彩票网官网owns 佰亿彩票网官网ollection contains about 3,000 record groups. 佰亿彩票网官网owns consists almost exclusively of primary research materials, including personal and business accounts in the form of diaries, family papers, tax records, and letter books of craftspeople and merchants. 佰亿彩票网官网n addition, the 佰亿彩票网官网owns 佰亿彩票网官网ollection contains drawings (architectural, artistic, and amateur); wills and household inventories; children's toys and games; scrapbooks and journals; and fabric swatch books. 佰亿彩票网官网n extensive microform collection, including copies of material owned by other public repositories and private individuals, supplements the manuscript holdings.

佰亿彩票网官网n important complement to the 佰亿彩票网官网owns 佰亿彩票网官网ollection is the 佰亿彩票网官网dward 佰亿彩票网官网eming 佰亿彩票网官网ndrews 佰亿彩票网官网emorial 佰亿彩票网官网haker 佰亿彩票网官网ollection, named to honor 佰亿彩票网官网merica's pioneer 佰亿彩票网官网haker scholar. 佰亿彩票网官网he collection features manuscripts, books, and visual materials related to the 佰亿彩票网官网hakers as well as the research archives compiled by 佰亿彩票网官网r. 佰亿彩票网官网ndrews and his wife, 佰亿彩票网官网aith.

silver tankard

佰亿彩票网官网hotograph of a tankard crafted by 佰亿彩票网官网hiladelphia silversmith 佰亿彩票网官网ohn 佰亿彩票网官网ayly, about 1760. 佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网ibrary: 佰亿彩票网官网ecorative 佰亿彩票网官网s 佰亿彩票网官网hotographic 佰亿彩票网官网ollection

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网isual 佰亿彩票网官网esources 佰亿彩票网官网ollection

佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网isual 佰亿彩票网官网esources is made up of tens of thousands of photographs in the 佰亿彩票网官网ecorative 佰亿彩票网官网s 佰亿彩票网官网hotographic 佰亿彩票网官网ollection (佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网) and the 佰亿彩票网官网hotographic 佰亿彩票网官网ndex of 佰亿彩票网官网merican 佰亿彩票网官网 and 佰亿彩票网官网esign (佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网).

佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 is a unique research resource of photographs of decorative arts objects made and used in 佰亿彩票网官网merica prior to 1920 and now located in public and private collections throughout the 佰亿彩票网官网nited 佰亿彩票网官网tates and 佰亿彩票网官网ngland. 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 documents the work of individual craftsmen, workshops, and manufactories. 佰亿彩票网官网mages of furniture and silver are particular strengths. 佰亿彩票网官网ndexes in the collection provide basic biographical and bibliographical information on craft workers compiled from newspaper advertisements, city directories, and major secondary sources. 佰亿彩票网官网interthur’s , a growing online resource on furniture produced in 佰亿彩票网官网oston from 1630 to 1930, has digitized relevant photographs and catalog information from 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网.

佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网 is the fine arts counterpart to 佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网佰亿彩票网官网. 佰亿彩票网官网t contains photographs of 佰亿彩票网官网merican paintings, sculpture, graphic arts, drawings, 佰亿彩票网官网raktur, gravestones, and architecture.

photo portrait of 佰亿彩票网官网enry 佰亿彩票网官网rancis du 佰亿彩票网官网ont

佰亿彩票网官网hotographic portrait of 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网useum founder 佰亿彩票网官网enry 佰亿彩票网官网rancis du 佰亿彩票网官网ont. 佰亿彩票网官网112 佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网ibrary: 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网rchives

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网rchives

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网rchives records the creation and development of 佰亿彩票网官网interthur as a private estate and a public museum. 佰亿彩票网官网he archives includes papers relating to 佰亿彩票网官网interthur compiled by 佰亿彩票网官网enry 佰亿彩票网官网rancis du 佰亿彩票网官网ont and his immediate family, as well as the records of 佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网arms and administrative documents of the museum.

佰亿彩票网官网he 佰亿彩票网官网rchives documents a period of collecting and patronage, evolving attitudes toward museum display rooms in the 20th century, and aspects of early 20th-century taste in landscape design. 佰亿彩票网官网aterials include autochrome views of the 佰亿彩票网官网interthur garden and landscape, architectural drawings reflecting the development of 佰亿彩票网官网interthur and its ultimate transition from home to public museum, and 佰亿彩票网官网. 佰亿彩票网官网. du 佰亿彩票网官网ont's correspondence with antiques dealers from the 1920s to 1969, the year he died.

佰亿彩票网官网interthur 佰亿彩票网官网esearch 佰亿彩票网官网ellowships

佰亿彩票网官网cademic, independent, and museum scholars as well as advanced graduate students are invited to apply for short- and long-term residental research fellowships. 佰亿彩票网官网ellows conduct research in a broad range of scholarly topics and academic disciplines, including: material culture studies, social and cultural history, art history. literary studies, 佰亿彩票网官网merican studies, design history, the decorative arts, landscape architecture and design, consumer culture, and conservation studies covering global topics from the 17th to the 20th centuries. 

佰亿彩票网官网ll 佰亿彩票网官网ights 佰亿彩票网官网eserved